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Riots in Antananarivo 5: What will happen today?

Sunday 1 February

Update 20:45 Malagasy time

  • The President stated the he is still in charge
  • The ministry of Justice and High Constitutional Court will take the necessary steps

Update 17:15 Malagasy time

  • No reactiopn from President Ravalomanana upto now

Update 14:30 Malagasy time

  • The mass rally of the party of the president was cancelled
  • Much less people showed up for Andry TGV’s meeting. I would guess less than 5000, closer to 3000?
  • Andry TGV declared himself as interim leader of the country
  • Andry TGV told the administrations, ministries, armed forces that he now gives the orders
  • The presidency announced that Andry TGV refuses to enter into negotiations
  • The presidency announced that it respects the constituion of the country

Unconfirmed reports claim that Andry TGV told the crowd that President Ravalomanana left the country.

Pray for thios country as you have never prayed before. This can be the turning point in the countries history.

Saturday 31 January
Yesterday morning Shoprite opened for a short while. (Shoprite is a general grocer, mostly used by expats, but yesterdays crowd were 95%+ Malagasy.)

There were between 500 and a thousand people waiting at the gates. We were pushing and shoving each other. Everyone wanted to be at the front of the line for when the gates eventually open. I was just looking out for myself. Very Christlike, I know.

After a while two soldiers, the one armed with a AK-47. I did not see the others weapon. From inside the Shoprite employee asked for silence. He then announced that the two soldiers were to be let in. “We are going to open the gate for the soldiers. But only they may enter. The rest of you, dont try anything. Dont push. And dont try to enter”

Then all of a sudden everybody relaxed. No more pushing and shoving. The soldiers were let through the opened gate unhindered. And then as the gate closed and it became ipossible for anyone to do anything, the pushing and shoving started again.

In spite of the pushing and shoving there was no violence. I never felt threatened. Just squashed. But this peacefull atmosphere and actions are how I know the Malagasy people. The Malagasy people are not violent people.

Mass Meetings


Today Andry TGV, the opposing mayor, and his supporters will meet in Analakely in Independance Avenue. TIM, presidents Marc Ravalomanana’s party, will hold a mass rally at Mahamasina, maybe 2 or so kilometers down the road. Will the two groups disperse peacefully? Or…?


I think that what happens today will set the tone for the next weeks, months and even years to come!

I will update this post as and when I get news.

PS. There is a 50% chance for thunderstorms. Please pray for rain. Rain will disperse the crowds and prevent huge crowds from turning out.
Weather prediction for Antananarivo

It is rumoured that Andry Rajoelina will proclaim himself as Prime Minister of an interimgovernment today.


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